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GloboFleet is as flexible as your company!
Connect your facilities quick and safe!
Easy integration
Safe data transmission
Synchronal data base
Expandable at any time
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GloboFleet Transfer-Zertifikat 
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17,99 €*
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* Annual fee for one certificate. If you do not resign this contract one month before expiration it will continue another year.
GloboFleet Master-Zertifikat 
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* Annual fee for one certificate. If you do not resign this contract one month before expiration it will continue another year.
Software details
GloboFleet® transfer certificate
The GloboFleet® transfer certificate is used for the encoded transfer of your files.
Using the GloboFleet® transfer and GloboFleet® master certificate you are able to transfer the encoded data to another facility.
GloboFleet Data Transfer
GloboFleet® master certificate
The GloboFleet® master certificate authorizes you to receive the encoded files.
With GloboFleet transfer certificates you can connect to facilities quick and easy. Every time one of your employees archives the data of the driver card or digital tachograph on a computer, this information will be transferred to your headquarters so you can analyze and archive it immediately. The permission to send or receive data depends on the used certificate which means the highest level of security.
GloboFleet® transfer certificate
With the GloboFleet transfer certificate your employees are able to transfer encoded data from the driver card or digital tachograph from every common computer with an Internet-connection to another facility. You just need to deposit the GloboFleet transfer certificate in a GloboFleet archive software or the transfer client of your employees.Integrable in the following software
GloboFleet® master certificate
You will use the GloboFleet master certificate in the facility which is going to receive and import the data. The GloboFleet master certificate will be deposited in the GlobalFleet software and so legitimates the facility to receive the data. If you use more than one working space for analyzing the data, you can use the same GloboFleet master certificate on several working spaces. The data on both working spaces would be the same in this case.
Expandable at any time
Depending on your needs you can add transfer-certificates to your company at any time. Connecting your network is easy and flexible growing with your company.
GloboFleet CC Software
GloboFleet CC Software
GloboFleet CC Plus Software
GloboFleet Data Multi Transfer
GloboFleet CC Plus Software
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Operating systemHardwareGloboFleet Software
Windows 7Windows® 2000
Windows® XP
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Windows® 7
Windows® 8
Windows® 8.1
Windows® 10
Processor Intel® Pentium® 4,
AMD Athlon or higher,
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Card Control Software
Card Control Plus Software
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